Thursday, October 29, 2009

EPUB (Electronic Publishing) Reader Update

A post uploaded Oct. 28 contained the names of several programs that can read (but not create) EPUB files. The only phone mentioned by name was Apple's iPhone and the Stanza "ap" (for application or program) that runs on both it and OSX-equipped Macintosh computers.

Since this and a previous posting's focus was on document creation formats--not electronic book reader software—I did not include any other programs designed specifically for Internet-enabled phones.

On Oct. 29, reviewed several e-book reader aps covering the most common cell-phones.
Click here to read the reviews. While file formats such EPUB were not mentioned, Barnes and Noble's software uses the EPUB standard, as do several others.

People who only want to publish text-based books (no graphics, or graphics that can be resized and moved on a whim) will want to use the EPUB format. When formatting is important, though, save an export a version of your document using Adobe's portable document format (PDF). Microsoft Office 2007 programs and Adobe's Creative Suite software has that capability, as do many other software titles.

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