Friday, March 28, 2014


Apologies for the delay in getting new material up. I've been writing a lot, but almost exclusively fiction.
Tips for novelists and short story writers :"TK" (journalistic jargon for "to come" and why it's misspelled baffles me).

Here's a teaser.
Believability is a key element in good fiction. "She waved her hand and a new world was created with air, water, plants, animals and people who worshiped every cell of her godly being." Yeah, right. No one will believe this ... unless you can find a way to make it seem real.
"She stared into the microscope and looked at the 'world' she had created, one populated by single cell organisms, and it was good. And it was doomed. Reading off a card she turned to her co-worker and yelled, "Harry, Batch XC17862 is ready for processing."
Now your opening sentence makes sense. Your readers know that if the microorganisms could think, they might worship her, but in the real world, she was a lab tech. Your opening statement was unbelievable but the supporting comments explained it.

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